Corrective Excercises

Corrective exercises, also known as therapeutic exercises, are different from what most people think of exercise. Therapeutic exercises are specific exercises meant for correcting specific problems. The focus of Therapeutic exercises is on regaining flexibility, strength and endurance
related to specific physical problems.

What is Corrective or Therapeutic Exercise?

Therapeutic exercise is the systematic and planned performance of body movements or exercises which aims to improve and restore physical function. Exercise is defined as “activity that is performed or practiced to develop or improve a specific function or skill to develop and maintain
physical fitness.

Aims of Therapeutic Exercise:
1. The ultimate goal of a therapeutic exercise program is the achievement of an optimal level of
symptoms free movement during basic to complex physical activities.
2. To improve and restore physical function.
3. To prevent loss of function.
4. To enhance a patient’s functional capabilities.
5. To prevent and decrease impairment and disability
6. To improve overall health status, fitness and sense of well-being

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