An initial consultation will take place before any active treatment or management begins. During the consultation, the Manual Osteopath will discuss the patient’s health problems, listen and take notes. Next, they will do a physical examination.

This includes a postural evaluation with regard to the centre line of gravity done looking at how you move and how you stand still. Range of motion tests will be performed to identify joint restrictions. Palpation is used to assess muscular, fascial and organ mobility and motility. Evaluation and treatment will occur at the same time as the practitioner is always assessing during the actual hands-on treatment. The Manual Osteopath will monitor the response of the body during treatment. One usually feels better after a treatment although it is possible to feel achy and/or sore after the treatment and up to 48 hours. Please feel free to bring any and all test results, scans, X-rays, MRIs or diagnosis to the consultation or treatment. The patient should wear loose clothing that is non-restricting to simplify ease of movement during the session. Manual Osteopathy is tailored to meet the requirements of the individual patient and techniques are selected to meet the patient’s needs. It relieves pain, improves mobility and to restore health and vitality. Treatment focuses on getting to the root of the problem, not just addressing and or suppressing the symptoms.

Online Osteopathic consultation and follow up


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